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7 Weird but Genius Inventions That Are Guaranteed to Wow You

I always love to read about things described as “weird”, as in weird accidents, weird jobs, weird hairdos and weird pets. This time I have looked for weird and useful. Now I would love to relate this experience to you. Here are some of the weirdest but most useful and genius invention.

1- Utensil pen caps are a wonderful invention. Just wash the caps and use them on your pens as usual, and if you need to have a meal at work, you are ready with your pens. They look cute on their own even if you don’t use them for eating.

2- Are you tired of the surprises you get of your toaster? One time the toast is not done yet, the other it has turned to charcoal. Avoid all that with a transparent toaster. You will see the bread slices being toasted and you can decide when it is toasted enough.

3- Infants never help with the housework. Let us change that with a baby mob onesie. Dress the baby in this onesie and let him mob the kitchen floor while crawling.

4- If you like bread and butter sandwiches at work, all you need is the bread. Butter is available in a neat and practical butter stick you can carry aroud just like your pens and pencils.

5- Don’t you hate it when you buy a pet fish and halfway home you discover that the water has seeped of the plastic bag and that the fish is already dead? A mobile fish bowl will let you carry your pet safely home.

6- I really like the drawer stairs. They provide you with a lot of storage space. What is even better is that no one will know there are drawers but you.

7- Throwing your toothpaste when it is not yet finished is a waste of money. However, all of us hate rolling up toothpaste tubes. Buy a two way toothpaste tube and you will not waste toothpaste anymore.

Genius Inventions That Are Guaranteed to Wow You

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