Three Weight Loss Super Foods To Eat Everyday

If you are a bit over weight and don’t have time to go to the gym regularly and you hate dieting, there is a good advice that can help you lose weight still and barely breaking a sweat, super weight loss foods, in you increase your consumption of these foods you will notice a significant drop in your weight and noticed boost in your immunity and overall health, below are listed a few examples of the super weight loss foods you can try right away and slim your body down with no effort.

1- Grapefruits.

Many studies proved that eating a whole grapefruit or even half a grapefruit before each meal will help you burn more fat and store less fat, it is believed that the vitamin C in the fruit Naturally help burning fats and reduce the production of insulin that the body produce to store fats, Grapefruits has very few calories so it won’t really add up much to your recommended daily calories, Grapefruits are also rich in protein, fiber and it is made up of 90% water which will fill you and end you up eating less.

2- Green Tea.

There are many health benefits to green tea including aiding weight loss, green tea helps to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite, the caffiene found in green tea will help your heart be in a good health while the powerful antioxidants in green tea will help you burn fat faster and keep your body cells healthy, for ideal health benefits, drink three sups of green tea everyday.

3- Dark Chocolate.

Usually chocolate deserts contribute to weight gain due to the amount of sugar and fats added, but eating dark chocolate everyday will help you shed your extra weight with no effort, very dark chocolate with high amount of cocoa powder and less sugar will help you slim down fast due to the high levels of antioxidants, a bite of dark chocolate every now and then will also slow down your Digestion so you can be full for longer times, dark chocolate can also boost your mood and control the mood swings accompanied with dieting.
Weight Loss Super Foods To Eat Everyday

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