Three Sure Ways To Wake Up In A Better Mood Everyday

Whether you just experienced a horrible nightmare, you expect the worse when your alarm goes off every morning or you are just going through the common Monday morning blues, it is always unpleasant to wake up in grumpy mood, the bad mood and pessimism can limit your productivity during the day and can even make you take your frustration on innocent people, therefore you must make a change to the better, the following tips will help you wake up in a good mood and have optimistic expectations of the day so read on.

1- Think Positive.

Most of us wake up sleepy, tired and unsure of what the day will bring, instead of having negative thoughts and expectations about the day which can put down your excitement, try to think positive, wakeup everyday thinking that the best thing will happen today, plan how you will make your day very productive and how you will feel good about yourself by the end of the day and stop worrying about what challenges the day can put in your way.

2- Plane Your Day The Night Before.

How many of us wake up rushing thing to get the kids ready for school, get yourself and your husband ready, prepare breakfast and cloth, having to do all those tasks in the morning with limited time can stress you out and put you in a negative mind set for the rest of the day, instead of rushing, plane a few tasks that need to get accomplished in the morning and anything else try to get it ready the night before, for example, prepare your cloth, your husband cloth and your children cloth the night before also prepare books, briefcases and book bags before you sleep, that will leave the breakfast alone for the morning so you don’t have to rush.

3- Sleep On Time And Wake Up Earlier.

Although it is tempting to stay up late during the week night for many reasons, try to avoid that, waking up tired and sleepy is one of the major causes of bad mood throughout the day, therefore try to get to your bed on time and set your alarm to wake you up half an hour earlier than the regular time you wake up in, stay in bed untill you feel active then opt to do a few minutes of exercises while listening to your favorite music, the exercise will not only loosen your muscles but also release endrophenes in your body which will brighten up your day.
Ways To Wake Up In A Better Mood Everyday

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