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Several ways to freshen up the smell of your mouth

Having good or bad smell of your mouth affects your relationship with others. Therefore, it’s not agreeable to talk with another person without washing your teeth. There are a lot of reasons for bad breath like the food we eat or gum diseases or inflammation of the mouth. Here are some ways to help you freshen up the smell of your mouth.

1. Lemon and water:
When dining out ask for a glass of water with lemon. Then, try to chew the lemon slice after drinking water. Citrus and other acidic foods like orange and kiwi help to increase the production of saliva which acts as antiseptic that keeps the moisture of your mouth. But, do not overdo eating lemon not to damage your teeth.

2. Chewing aromatic herbs:
Use fresh herbs like coriander, mint, rosemary, eucalyptus and cardamom to fight bad breath. You can either chew any of them or put it in tea and drink it warm.

3. Drinking water:
Drinking water helps to hydrate the mouth, changing and renewing saliva and getting rid of the bacteria in the mouth. The moisture of the mouth helps to keep it clean and it reduces the substances that cause bacteria which causes bad breath.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables:
Vegetables and fruit contain a lot of fiber which helps to clean up the digestive system and get rid of toxins. Thus, vegetables and fruit are ideal foods to get rid of bad smell of the mouth.

5. Use toothpaste and brush your teeth:
You should replace your accustomed toothpaste with another one that helps to kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath. Also, you should brush your teeth and clean your tongue regularly to get a fresh smell of the mouth.

ways to freshen up the smell of your mouth

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