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Ways to get stronger and add years to your life

Having a long life depends on the genes yet there are many keys within your control for longevity such as living a cigarette- free life and maintaining a healthy diet. Recent researches find out that having a pet like a dog helps by making you more active- like when you walk your dog- and less stressful which lowers getting heart diseases.

Flossing on daily basis is important and its function cannot be achieved by the toothbrush; flossing is recommended by doctors for a less chance of cardiovascular diseases.

It was believed that being ornery and mean can make you live longer but after studying a group of centenarians and assessing their personalities, the researchers discovered that they are optimistic and easygoing and they have a positive outlook to life.

More laughing is another important key; if you do not know how, I would tell you simply by watching some comedy shows or silly videos or spending time with people who can make you laugh. People with strong social relationships have a greater chance of long and healthy life than those with weaker relationships, so you are advised to hang out with your friends more.

Eating more nuts lowers the risk of heart diseases because they are rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, which means if you want a snack make it on cashews, walnuts and almonds but be careful as they are a high- calorie snack.

Having a purpose in life and trying to make a difference can help to live a longer life than those who do not have a sense of purpose or less focused on a goal. Drinking a reasonable amount of coffee is not only important for energy and more focus, but it also reduces the risk of many diseases such as Alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
get stronger and add years to your life

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