6 Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness Before It Happens

Motion sickness during long trips by cars, planes, or boats is caused due to the incoherence between what your eyes see and what your vestibular and somato-sensory systems feel. It’s like you’re not moving… but you are. As a result, you may experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and more. These symptoms may easily be downgraded by medication; however, fortunately there are ways to avoid them from the start.

6. Check Your Diet : During your trip, it’s important to avoid over eating or drinking and to stay away from alcohol. Avoid foods that gave you bad past experiences, high fat food, spices and heavy odor foods.

5. Use Ginger : Consuming at least a gram of ginger half an hour before your trip can effectively reduce symptoms of motion sickness.

4. Take the Wheel : Being the driver makes it less likely to experience motion sickness since you’re the one in control and well aware of the movements. If you can’t drive, sit in front as it might give you some sense of control. At the backseat, try to keep yourself distracted, without reading, and keep a window open.

3. Balance Your Sensory System : On a boat, it’s best to lie down to avoid sea sickness. On a train, take the front seat. Either ways you should always keep your gaze at a fixed position.

2. Pick the Right Place to Sit : On a long trip, especially if you have a problem with motion sickness, you may need to find the calmest area to take a seat. The mid parts of airplanes or lower cabins in the middle of a ship are areas in which you feel the least motion.

1. Use Verbal Placebos : Motion sickness can be avoided by simply convincing yourself you won’t get sick and repeating the fact out loud. The technique sounds simple but is truly effective.
Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness Before It Happens

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