Nine Ways To Prevent Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is an annoying problem that happens to many people, although it is very annoying and could disturb a good night sleep, it is a problem that can be completely avoided and prevented by following a few tips, some types of foods and bad habits can increase the problem, so staying away from these foods and drinks can make the whole problem disappear, acid reflux is a problem that should not be ignored as by time it could lead to more serious problems like throat cancer. Below are listed some tips to prevent acid reflux so read on please.

1- Lose Weight.

Well our first tip to control acid reflux is to lose weight, obesity and a lot of fat tissue on the stomach puts extra and unneeded pressure on the abdomen, making it push its acid up into the esophagus, so the first way you can put acid reflux at bay is by losing weight and achieving your ideal weight.

2- Avoid The Foods That Cause Acid Reflux.

Some foods cause acid reflux more than others and if you are suffering from this problem already it would be better to stay away from these types of foods that include, spicy foods, acidic foods that contain vinegar or citrus fruits juices, coffee or any caffeinated beverages, fatty foods, raw onion, raw garlic, tomato, mint, chocolate and carbonated beverages.

3- Eat Smaller Meals.

Eating large meals will fill up the stomach, the thing that force the stomach to push some of its acidic juices into your esophagus.

4- Don’t Sleep After You Eat.

Try to keep at least two or three hours after the last time you eat in the day before you go to bed, sitting up helps the gravity to keep acid reflux from happening, but when you lay down short after eating a meal, the effect of gravity becomes useless, which means that the acid will be able to flow up into your esophagus.

5- Elevate The Upper Part Of Your Bed.

Elevating the upper part of your bed a few inches will help reducing acid reflux by keeping the gastric acids in your stomach, adding extra pillows may not be very helpful, as that way will only Elevate your head and you need your entire upper part of your body elevated.

6- Quit Smoking.

Smoking is one of the things that contribute to acidic reflux disease, nicotine was proven to relax the muscles of the stomach that works to keep the gastric acids down in the stomach which allows the acid to flow up, smoking also affect the saliva ability to balance the acidic effect.

7- Reduce Or Quit Alcohol.

Same like smoking, Alcohol also help to relax the stomach muscles that hold down the gastric acids and prevent acid reflux.

8- Wear Loose Cloth.

Tight clothes and belts can add pressure on the stomach and lead to acid reflux specially if wore to bed, it is better to wear loose and fitting clothes to bed.

9- Reduce Your Gluten Consumption.

There is a study that proved that Gluten may increase and worsen the symptoms of acid reflux diseases, so try to reduce your consumption of the types of grains that contain Gluten and observe whether or not you start feeling better.

Ways To Prevent Acid Reflux

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