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Three Ways To Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant

When a couple get married for long enough and decide to start their family and have children, at this point they usually have no idea about the journey they are going to go through, most of us thought that as soon as we stop the birth control method conceiving will be no problem, while some women are blessed with that, the majority take quit a long time to conceive, an average healthy couple is expected to take up to one year to conceive, however many take way longer than that, and many can’t even succeed on their own. However learning how to listen to your body and how to prepare your body to get pregnant can shorten the period of time you can take to conceive, this is why I wrote you this article to learn how to prepare for getting pregnant so read on.

1- Learn Your Cycle.

Learning your cycle and the days you are most fertile in is the most important thing to get pregnant in a short time, an average healthy woman has a cycle of 28 days starting from the first day of your period, 14 days counting from the first day of your period is the time where your body produces a mature egg that can be ready to get fertilized, during that time your body will be working on making it safe for the fertilized egg to attach itself into the uterine lining, but if that process don’t succeed then the uterine lining shed and come down as the menstrual bleeding so the process starts once again.

2- Prepare Yourself.

Two weeks before you ovulate your ovaries are busy looking for the most mature egg to release it, if the egg is not mature enough then chances of conceiving is decreased and chances of miscarriages or birth defects are increased, what can help maturing the eggs in your ovary enough to get fertilized is folic acid, not just that, folic acid also prevent nerve system birth defects in your fetus once you conceive therefore it is important to enriched your body with this important vitamin even before you get pregnant.

3- Don’t Stress Yourself.

Once you decide to get pregnant, you will be watching closely any changes happening with your body and waiting desperately your next period’s date, but all these stressful things can actually decrease the chances of conceiving, although it is very annoying, but if you learn to calm yourself down and don’t think about getting pregnant will help your body conceive faster.
Ways To Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant

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