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7 Ways in Which Music Can Improve Learning for Children

In many cultures, learning music, getting kids to learn music or tutoring them in music is just a “thing for the worriless living in ivory towers”, which is really disappointing to say the least. Many researches have proved that music does indeed boost cognitive functions and learning skills. In this article, we will list some ways in which music can improve your kids’ learning.

1- It makes our kids more resilient and develops their ability to handle pressure. It is common for kids to get panic attacks and stage frights when then they know they are to perform something in front of others. However, kids who learn music know that they are going to perform before others and are used to it.

2- It boosts memory. It is to be expected because kids learn pieces by heart and employ memory and remembering when playing them.

3- It was proven that music improves communication, resourcefulness (the ability to solve problems) and teamwork.

4- It makes children more disciplined learners. This means that they take learning seriously and don’t get tired or bored with it quickly.

5- It enhances and strengthens kids’ ability to form and keep mental images of their surroundings. This makes learning subjects such as science and math easier. It also makes it easier for them to perform regular daily chores.

6- It boosts other much needed qualities for learning such as self-esteem, patience and preferring delayed gratification to quick one.

7- Learning music teaches children subconsciously that learning is a life-long process, and that there is no certain age to start learning. After all, music learners and performers are of all ages.

7 Ways in Which Music Can Improve Learning for Children

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