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Five Ways To Minimize Your Enlarged Skin Pores

If your large skin pores are making you uncomfortable and not happy with how you look then you will find this article very helpful, if you have an Oily skin then chances are you may be having enlarged pores that will affect how you look, fortunately, there are many easy ways to minimize the pores on your skin, read below to learn more.

1- Always Remove Your Makeup Before Sleeping : Sleeping with your makeup on can increase the problem of enlarged pores to a huge extent, therefore removing your makeup every night before you sleep will reduce the risks of the problem and can even treat it with time, always use a good quality makeup removal and make sure to wash and moisturize your face after removing your makeup.

2- Exfoilate Your Skin Regularly : Regular exfoliation of your skin can reduce the problem of enlarged pores, make sure when you are choosing the exfoliant you are choosing a suitable brand and ingredients to your skin type, you can also try a natural exfoliant that will nourish and exfoilate your skin without side effects like oatmeal with sugar.

3- Wash Your Face More Often : One guaranteed way to minimize your pores is by washing your face seven times a day with warm water, when you do that you are making sure to remove all the dirt and oil that contribute to enlarged pores, however make sure you are washing your face with warm water.

4- Try Facial Scrub : Facial scrubs can also help you minimize your enlarged pores, you can try a suitable brand for your skin type or opt to make your own natural facial scrub at home by taking one part of green tea, mix it with an equal part of sugar and honey then apply the mixture to your face, let it stay for ten minutes then wash off with warm water.

5- Steam Your Face : Another way you can minimize your skin pores is by steaming your skin for five to ten minutes every two to three days, the hot Steam will help minimize the pores and clean them deeply.
Ways To Minimize Your Enlarged Skin Pores

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