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12 Ways in Which Meditation Can Change Your Life

First of all, what exactly is meditation? I, for one, call it the science of disconnecting. And this happens when you relax yourself in whatever posture you want and try to not to think of anything. Just “disconnect” from the world around you and forget all your worries, duties, likes, dislikes etc. for a certain period of time. It can truly change your life in so many ways, including:

1- It improves your self-restraint when it comes to consuming alcohol. In other words, you will feel less likely that you want to “get acquainted with the bottle”.

2- It enhances some functions of your brain such as making decisions and processing information.

3- It was found to be very potent as a sedative and a pain killer, even more powerful than many chemical pain killers.

4- Positive psychology has proved that meditation is one of the handiest tools in elevating your mood and finding relaxation and well-being

5- It is said that the grey matter in our brains has a lot to do with what makes us human. In short it is responsible for our ability to learn, think, remember and even for our awareness to what is around us. Meditation was found to increase the concentration of this matter.

6- It decreases depression A LOT. It is even so effective in that that it is recommended for pregnant women suffering from that phase’s common depression.

7- It help significantly in improving the behavior of people diagnosed with ADHD.

8- It treats inflammation and decreases the elements responsible for it.

9- It lessens Alzheimer’s health risks.

10- It treats hypertension.

11- It decreases the risks of heart failure and heart disease significantly.

12- It has a positive effect on your relationships and overall communication with others.

Meditation Can Change Your Life

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