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Three Ways You Can Lighten Dark Bikini Lines Naturally

The discoloration that occurs between the thighs and make you embarrassed to wear mini skirts or bikini can be caused by several factors, most commonly genes, wearing underclothes that is not cotton, regular shaving and constant friction between the thighs during walking and sitting,

it can also happen from sweating or having this area wet for long periods of time. Dark bikini lines can be a major turn off and embarrassment source, luckily, you can fix the problem with natural ingredients found right in your kitchen and enjoy toned thighs check out below how to lighten darkened inner thighs.

1- Lemon.

Whenever we talk about lightening Discolored skin patches Naturally, Lemon Juice must be mentioned. It works as a perfect skin bleaching agent thanks to its acidic nature, the vitamin C in Lemon Juice also helps in removing dead skin cells and stimulating the regeneration process of new skin cells. However, you are suffer from sensitive skin then try to stay away from this remedy or try diluting the Lemon Juice. Apply cotton balls wet with fresh lemon juice to the dark area for five minutes daily until you are satisfied with the results.

2- Orange Peels.

A magnificent way to use orange peels instead of throughout them away is to enhance your beauty. Orange peels is natural Bleaching ingredient that we don’t value, the orange peels contain more vitamin C than the pulp of orange itself so it will help exfoliating dead skin cells as well as stimulating the production of new healthy cells,

it’s acidic nature will also bleach the discolored skin, while the natural oils found in orange peels moisturize the skin, just rub the peel of an orange from the outside to the discolored area for two minutes daily.

3- Tomato Juice.

Tomato juice can be used as a natural skin bleaching product as well, the antioxidant properties in tomato helps in reversing the damage done by UV sun rays on the skin including tans, it also contain vitamin C and B which both will nourish the skin, tomato juice is the best skin lightening remedy for those suffering from sensitive and dry skin.

Lighten Dark Bikini Lines Naturally

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