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3 Ways in Which an Ice Tray Can Make Your Life Happier and Easier

Many people use ice trays for nothing other than making ice. Many other people toss ice trays away thinking the same thing. However, ice trays can make your life so much easier and richer.

In this article you will learn and discover how to use ice trays for making all sorts of things that can save time, money and space.

1- Herb butter can cost much more than what it is really worth; yet we buy it because we can’t imagine having so many dishes without it. Now, you won’t need to buy herb butter anymore because Ice trays can be used to make and store herb butter. Just buy fresh herbs and mince them. Put them in your ice tray and add melted butter then put it in your freezer.

When the herb butter solidifies, take the cubes of the tray and bag them then put them back in your freezer to use later.

2- Having some fresh juice can be the right pick-me-up when you lack energy, but preparing it can be bothersome. Just make fruit juice and freeze it in your ice tray then bag it when it is solid. Add a juice cube or more to some water and you will have your own fresh fruit juice/slushie. Mix different juice cubes together for better different flavors.

3- You can make healthy weight loss treats with an ice tray. Just add sliced fruits and jello to the tray and freeze it. Another healthy treat you could also make with an ice tray is mini granola bites. Just mix the granola ingredients and put them in your ice tray and refrigerate it. Then take out the granola bites and have them with your family as a side dish for breakfast.

3 Ways in Which an Ice Tray Can Make Your Life Happier and Easier

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