Five Ways How Sugar Is Killing You

Adding sugar to our diets is not the best idea if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not to mention, most of us are actually exceeding the daily allowed amount of sugar to the extent that make us Consume tons of it in few years, in fact it has been estimated that an average person is consuming 500 more calories of sugar only a day, that is as much calories you want to Consume if you want to add on an extra pound a day, most people know that sugar is harmful for their health, but for some reason they think avoiding saturated fats, sodium and trans fats will keep them sufficed from the harm of sugar. Although sugar is not high in sodium or fats, but it is with no doubt a silent killer, below listed are some of the ways how sugar is killing you.

1- Sugar Is A True Silent Killer.

Beside salt and its effect on the blood pressure, sugar is almost as harmful and dangerous, several studies found a strong link between over consumption of sugar and fructose and leptin resistance, leptin is a hormone that your brain produce to make you feel full or stop eating, without this signal you can overeat and don’t feel satisfied, why sugar is the silent killer?, because it stops the work for leptin without any warning signs or symptoms, if you are gaining weight and can not lose it or control your appetite, then perhaps you should monitor how much sugar you are feeding your body.

2- Sugar Increase The Risks Of Cancer.

When we speak if sugar we are speaking of insulin, that is because insulin is what gets the sugar stored in the body cells as fats or energy, and when too much of the sugar is consumed, the insulin will stop working as it should, which creates insulin resistance or what is known as diabetes, many clinical studies found a strong link between insulin resistance and cancer formation, one study found the the presence of sugar in the intestines triggered the production of a hormone called GIP which is controlled by a protein called B-catenin which was found to increase the risk of cancer formation, beside that, high levels of sugar was observed to increase the growth on breast and colon cancers.

3- Sugar Leads To Heart Failure.

Beside the fact that is internationally known that sugar increase the risk for heart diseases, clinical studies found that, over consumption if sugar and starch can lead to damage in the pumping mechanism of the heart which eventually leads to heart failure, that is because when sugar is consumed the muscle of the heart get damaged, most of the cases that are diagnosed with heart failure die within five years.

4- Sugar Has A Similar Toxic Effect On The Liver As Alcohol.

A clinical study promoted to add the same warnings on alcohol on sugar, that is because the consumption if excessive fructose and glucose was found to have a similar Toxic effect on the liver as ethanol found in alcohol, sugar was found to increase the risk for many of the same chronic disease that alcohol cause, in brief, sugar can cause liver damage even if you are not over weight.

5- Sugar Can Make You Lose Your Memory.

Beside the fact that sugar actually accelerate the aging process for the body cells including Aging Signs on the skin and hair as well as developing chronic diseases and premature menopause, excessive consumption of sugar was also linked to memory loss and overall cognitive system deficiencies.

Ways How Sugar Is Killing YouWays How Sugar Is Killing You

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