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5 Shocking Ways Fashion Accessories Can Hurt You

Do you love to complete your fashionable look with some attractive accessories? It’s okay to try to look hip, but indulging in accessories without knowing their risks can harm your health. Read on to discover how each of the mentioned accessories may make you look trendy but take a toll on your health.

5. Rings : Rings come in different sizes if not adjustable. If you have a ring that once fitted but is now tighter on your finger, it will obstruct blood circulation hurting your finger and making it feel numb. Dispose of a tight ring or have its size readjusted to fit your finger comfortably.

4. Metal Jewelry : Some people show allergic reactions to metal jewelry, particularly made from nickel or gold, when they come in contact with their skins. The rash that happens from earrings, rings or necklaces made from these metals is called contact dermatitis. If your skin is sensitive to these metals, avoid any jewelry made from them to save yourself from the risk of a chronic rash.

3. Contact Lenses : There are many safety precautions that wearers of prescribed contact lenses follow to keep their eyes safe, like how to keep their lenses clean, but they are still at a risk of hurting their eyes. Non-prescription lenses pose a higher risk because they may be made of harmful materials. In case your contact lenses cause pain or redness in your eyes, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

2. Headbands and Elastics : Tying your hair in a neat ponytail can cause you a headache if your tie your elastics too tightly. Loosen your head accessories or take them off to avoid painful headaches.

1. Dangling Earrings : Your earlobes are not heavy weight lifting champions! If you constantly wear dangling earrings that are heavy on your ears, they can stretch your earlobes causing permanent damage.
Ways Fashion Accessories Can Hurt You

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