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Ways in Which Dieting Can Destroy Your Thyroid Gland

People have always been debating the reason why diets usually fail no matter how strict and low calorie they are. One reasoning that I highly believe in is that dieting can cripple and weaken your thyroid gland.

And this makes diets fail how? Because your thyroid gland produces metabolism hormones. So, how does dieting destroy your thyroid gland?

1- It is common for dieters to think that diet soda is the ultimate drink. Why not when it is a carbonated beverage that doesn’t give you any calories? However, Diet drinks are rich in fluoride, which is a substance that hinders your body’s response to your thyroid hormones rendering them ineffective.

2- No fat diets are the latest fad in the world of dieting even though many doctors belittle their effect on losing weight. What you don’t know is that not all fat is “fattening” and that we need fat for the brain and the thyroid gland to work without problems.

3- Another thyroid gland destroyer not many people know of is full packed schedules. It might not seem like you are doing a lot in a full packed schedule (attending meetings, light exercising, writing things on computer etc), but what you don’t know is that you are building up stress sky high. And this is a sure way of destroying your thyroid gland and brain functions (it shows as breakdowns, sleeping problems or dementia after a while).

4- Diet eaters try to find better substitutes for high-fat high-carb foods, right? As a result they load up on soy sub-products. It might seem a great idea to have soy milk for breakfast, tofu burger for lunch and tofu cheese cake for dessert, but not for your thyroid gland. Soy products impair your ability to absorb and process the iodine your thyroid gland needs. With time you will find many health problems because your thyroid gland won’t be able to work properly.

Dieting Can Destroy Your Thyroid Gland

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