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5 Ways in Which Dates Are Similar to Job Interviews

Dating can be tough, especially at the first few times. It can put a pressure on men and women pushing them into behaving in what may look like strange or annoying behaviors. As a result, many women and men may lose their chances to find good partners just because they behaved badly in dates, when they should have behaved just the way they do in job interviews. Dates and job interviews are similar in the following ways.

1- When it is good it needs high standards. Both good partners and good jobs require a lot from people. A good job will need a lot of work and dedication and so does a good partner. So, don’t expect either of them to be good to you when you are acting like a jerk.

2- Don’t put so much of a façade. Whether you are in a first date or a job interview, it is understood that you would want to please the other party as much as possible. However, don’t go overboard with that pretending to be someone you aren’t or liking things you don’t. It will all show later.

3- Whether you are choosing a job or a partner, take your strengths and weaknesses into consideration. In other words, pick jobs and partners who love your strengths and aren’t affected by your weaknesses.

4- Both jobs and relationship have setting a goal in common. It is goals that decide how far you will go in a relationship or in a job. If you aim to give it your all, you will escalate the career ladder steadily, and/or develop a relationship into something that lasts a lifetime.

5- You shouldn’t look desperate or give in so much whether you are in a job or a relationship. It makes you look weak, and you will be taken for granted.

 Dates Are Similar to Job Interviews

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