Five Ways Breathing Alone Help You Lose Weight

Dieting is not easy for everyone, with the stresses of the life, we all turn to comfort foods to situate our stress levels from everything around us, while dieting everything tend to seem even more stressful, because your body is not getting the levels of sugar it used to get, some people love to diet thought and they find no problem with dieting at all, people are different, but I write this article for you today to teach you about something much more easier than dieting, it is natural and we all were born doing that can help you lose weight and stick to your diet, it is simply breathing, although it sounds too good to believe but it is real, just spending twenty minutes a day breathing will help you lose weight, let us learn how below.

1- It Was Scientifically Proven.

It is scientifically proven that our bodies lose weight by the internal oxidation process of these fat cells that then leaves our body when we exhale, so practicing special breathing techniques can help speeding up this process to allow more fat to be burnt, it was also proven that the outdoor air helps more in this process.

2- Practice More Belly Breathing.

If you watch a little baby breathing you will notice its little belly rising then falling back down, that is called belly breathing and it is very helpful to lose weight specially around the stomach, lay on your back with your knees bend up and your feet on the bed, put your hands on your stomach and start rising your stomach as your lugs get filled with air then exhale much slower, this exercise will help speeding up the fat cells oxidation process and in turn help you lose weight.

3- Focus On Your Breath.

While you are doing your little belly breathing exercise, close your eyes and put in the background a sound of natural track and get to focus deeply on your breath, if some thoughts started to cloud your mind up imagine them in a little cloud floating away, and start focusing again on your breath only, start by five minute then increase the time day by day until you make your way up to 20 minutes.

4- Practice Some Yoga.

Yoga is also about breathing but it is very helpful to improve the functioning of your digestive system which will allow your body to get rid of waste easier and at the same time lose weight, with specific poses and breathing techniques you will be able to lose weight by yoga.

5- Try Box Breathing Technique.

Stress is the major reason for you reaching out for the first sweet Snack or soda you can find, so controlling stress will help you control what you are eating that contributes to your weight gain, breathing inside a box is a very helpful technique to control stress levels and get your mind back at peace, it will also give your energy levels a boost so you can go through the day without needing to eat snacks.
Find yourself a peaceful and quiet space to sit in and practice the following steps while imagining a box being drawn in your mind with each step.
First of all inhale slowly while rising your belly on the count of four.
Second hold your breath on the cound of four.
Third step exhale slowly on the count of four.
Keep on repeating this process until you feel in control again of yourself.

The benefit of breathing is not just to keep us alive, you can control your body and many systems in your body just by breathing, you can control your mood, temper, appetite, metabolism and even your digestive system just by breathing.

Ways Breathing Alone Help You Lose Weight

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