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5 Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happens

Although baking is not everyone’s hobby, almost everyone has tried it at least a few times. We find it strange when sometimes the results of a certain pie or cake recipe turns out wrong although we had made it several times before. There might be different reasons for that, such as:

1- After cooking pastry, you find that it is burnt in places and uncooked in others; in short, it is unevenly cooked. This happens when you neglect preheating the oven before putting the dough inside. The people who came up with the recipe didn’t tell you to preheat the oven to waste your time or mess with you. They did because it is necessary for the recipe to work.

2- Kneading dough too much is a mistake, especially if you are making cookies. This will make the cookies turn out hard because they don’t have enough airy spaces inside them. Kneading and squeezing them until every last bit of air is out of them will give you tiles instead of cookies.

3- Neglecting to grease the baking pans and sheets. This will make the cookies stick to the pan, especially if there isn’t much fat in the recipe; and you will end up scraping them off your sheet with something sharp until they are ruined.

4- Too hard and almost burnt cookies are a common case too. This happens because you are waiting for the cookies to turn into the color you want inside the oven. Cookies harden more even after you get them out of the oven. When it comes to baking cookies, the lesser the time, the better.

5- Do your cupcakes and cakes come out flat once you take them out of the oven? Maybe it is because you open the oven to check on them too often?

If you like these tips on how to prevent baking mistakes, share your thoughts with me and I will share with you more cases in which baking can go wrong and what to do to prevent it.

Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happens

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