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5 Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happened – Part 2

In part one; we have discussed few ways in which baking can go wrong. We also talked about what to do to avoid such sad baking results. Needless to say, people loved our tips and wanted to learn more about baking mistakes and how to solve them. So here are more cases in which baking can turn wrong and what to do about it.

1- Sometimes when you are preparing for an event or a bake sale you notice that the cookies and cakes turn out cooked unevenly. Some are hard, some are uncooked, and some are just burnt. This happens when you bake too many things at the same time. Filling the oven with things will mess with the temperature and the airflow.

2- Sometimes your cakes turn out looking like a mushroom cap with a hill in the middle. This happens because either the oven temperature is too high or the cake pan is too small. Make sure you stick to the directions when it comes to the temperature and that the batter fills just half of the pan.

3- I once made a cake substituting baking powder with baking soda and the result was a cake batter that was “boiling” instead of baking inside the oven. Do not substitute baking powder with baking soda or vise versa unless the recipe says you can.

4- Sometimes you find the cake batter very dense with lumps of flour here and there. This happens when you just pour flour from the bag without sifting. Sifting guarntees that there will be no flour lumps in the batter and it will also make your pastries fluffier and more airy.

5- Going cheap on the fat when making cookies makes cookies cakey. Let’s face it; cookies are a dessert with fat, flour and sugar. So if you want to keep things healthy and low-fat low-carb as possible look for another recipe. When it comes to cookies, you can’t be cheap with fat.

Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happened

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