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Three Ways To Apply Your Foundation Perfectly

Your foundation, as the name explains is the base of your makeup, once you perfected your foundation, everything else is easy to complete, alot of women have to strive to get a natural look with their foundation, but that mainly is because they don’t know what to do to buy and apply their foundation properly, in fact, it is a makeup thumb rule that if your foundation is visible on any part of your face, you have don’t something wrong, foundation should be blended properly with your skin to give that flawless natural look.

Before you apply your foundation make sure your face is cleansed properly and Moisturizes, let the moisturizer settle on your face for about five minutes then apply a primer, the moisturizer will help your skin be soft and smooth while the primer will give a smooth base for the foundation which helps it to blend even better.
Once you done your preparation, you then will have three options to apply your foundation to choose from which are:-

1- With Fingers.

You can apply your foundation using the help of your finger tips, using your fingers to apply foundation will ensure a better blending and an even natural look, it is also a more kind way to suffice your skin from rubbing against hard brushes and spounges, however those who are more conscious about Hygiene prefer different types of application such as the following.

2- With Brushes.

Brushes seem to be the favorite way of foundation application for most makeup artists, there are special brushes you can buy of special sizes and shapes made specially to help you blend your foundation properly, however you will need to keep your brushes always clean to avoid any skin problems.

3- Using Sponges.

Some people also prefer to apply their foundation using sponges, there are also different sizes and shapes of sponges to apply foundation, sponges become very convenient specially if you have a mix of liquid foundation and dry powder so you leave no patches with no or extra coverage.
Ways To Apply Your Foundation Perfectly

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