Watch out of the deadly foods we love to eat

From now and then people kill themselves accidently by eating the wrong part of a plant that is poisonous. We need to know such deadly foods that we can find in our kitchens.

Toadstool is a poisonous mushroom; we can determine whether the mushroom is poisonous or not as follows: it should have black or pink gills (poisonous kind has white gills), and the gills should be attached to the cap not the stalk.

Some parts in fugu or pufferfish (a kind of fish) are very poisonous, and that is why it is the only illegal food for the Emperor of Japan to eat to ensure his safety.

The flowers of elderberry trees are sometimes battered and fried to be eaten, but some other parts of the elderberry trees are very poisonous. Many people use castor oil or force it on their children, but you may not know that the castor bean itself is so deadly that the workers collecting the seeds have strict safety measures for prevention of accidental death, however many of these workers suffer terrible side effects.

All of us know that almonds are very useful and tasty, and you very likely do not know that it is not a nut and it is actually bitter and full of cyanide. That is why almonds must be heat- treated before consumption to remove any traces of poison. As a result, some countries make it illegal to sell bitter untreated almonds such as New Zealand.

Cherries are a very tasty fruit; it can be eaten raw or used in cooking. As apricots, beaches and plums, they are of the same family and they all contain poisonous compounds in their seeds and leaves. When the seeds of cherries are chewed or crushed, they produce hydrogen cyanide, so remember not to chew the pip.

the deadly foods we love to eat

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