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Watch How the Media Is Deceiving You about Weight Loss

The world we live in is very harsh against anyone who has a few grams of fat more than his/her optimum weight. What I mean by “world” here is the media with its fat shaming opinion guiding the people who support them. That is happening because weight loss has become so popular that many people are getting rich through it. Those people – including the media – hide certain facts that help you while you try to lose weight, such as:

1- The media claims that It is better to start to lose fat slow and steady instead of losing weight fast. Losing fat fast – at least at the beginning – is better. It is simple; this is how we people work. We look for the results of something before deciding if it is worth following or not, and seeing that we lose weight fast is the best incentive to make us keep up a sudden change in lifestyle (a diet).

2- The media hides that One of the reasons why people find losing weight very difficult is the toxins in the things around them, including air. Metabolism can be impaired by these toxins. Moreover, this toxic pollution can lead to other problems that make gaining weight easy such as inflammation, low glucose tolerance and low insulin resistance.

3- The media is promoting no-fat diets because weight loss works exactly the other way around. You actually need a certain percentage of fat to lose weight. Fat is not the same in every food. There are fats that aid weight loss and any type of fat is necessary because it is needed to transfer vitamins to your body.

4- While it is really good to exercise whether you are following a diet or not, exercise doesn’t have a prominent role in losing weight. In other words, you don’t need new gadgets every now and then to exercise, and no certain machine makes you lose more calories than others.

5- We are told to avoid all high carb foods while following a weight loss diet, including chocolate. In fact, chocolate – especially dark chocolate – promotes weight loss. It contains antioxidants and probiotics that makes you lose weight more easily.

the Media Is Deceiving You about Weight Loss

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