Watch As Apothecary Jars Make Your House Stunning With These 6 Ideas

It is not often that you see apothecary jars bought or used for anything, much less decor. Apothecary jars have so many varied shapes and designs. Moreover, since apothecary jars are made of glass, they add to the beauty of any house since light – and controlling it – is one of the most important elements of décor. In this article we will give you some great ideas you can use for decorating every space in your house with apothecary jars.

1- There are plenty of uses for apothecary jars in your kitchen. Store your herbs and condiments elegantly and keep them fresh by using air seal apothecary jars in different shapes. You could also use them for storing grains and nuts and keeping them fresh. Unlike unhealthy and unsightly plastic jars and containers, you will not waste your time looking reading the labels looking for what you need. And you might as well get creative and use them as pots for indoor kitchen plants.

2- apothecary jars can help you decorate the reception area in your house too. Instead of cluttering it with an assortment of keys, cards coins…etc. you can use elegant looking apothecary jars to store these things. You can also use them for decorating that area by making them pots for your indoor plants. Sky is the limit when it comes to the number of ways you can use apothecary jars with a bit of creativity.

3- Apthecary jars can be used for storing seeds, caramels, chocolates, nuts, jellybeans or anything else. Place an apothecary jar full of your favorite treats on your coffee table so that you and your guests can enjoy them while watching TV. You could also roll a whole patch of tissues and put them inside an apothecary jar.

4- Bathroom and apothecary jars are a match made in heaven. Place a few apothecary jars in your bathroom as well. They will be the perfect place for storing bath salts, decorative soaps, cotton swaps and potpourri.

5- Ever thought about using apothecary jars as a drink dispenser? Your gusts will want to know where you bought your apothecary jar beverage dispenser from. Put a few fruit slices with your natural detoxing drinks for a more refreshing taste and look.
6- your kids need apothecary jars too, but make sure you buy plastic ones. Your kids can use them to store their marbles, cryons, lego pieces and puzzle pieces.

Watch As Apothecary Jars Make Your House Stunning With These 6 Ideas

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