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5 Things You Should Never Waste Money on but Probably Do

We spend money on all sorts of things. Some things are important and necessary, others are “matter of life and death” important, others you need from time to time, and there are others that are a complete waste of your money, yet you buy them, such as:

1- People buy all sorts of cleaning products. If you look in anyone’s kitchen cabinets you will see at least five bottles of cleaners for different surfaces. What people don’t know is that they’re paying too much for things that are basically the same, and can definitely be substituted with some vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.

2- It is in every woman’s genes to take care of her skin and looks. Therefore, women spend a considerable fortune on skincare lotions and moisturizing creams. These products contain hazardous chemicals that people use not knowing that FDA doesn’t monitor the manufacturing of skincare products. Use natural oils instead like coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil and tea tree oil.

3- TV networks’ and magazines subscriptions are really a big waste of money. You usually watch no more than ten channels on TV IF you have enough time in your life for TV, so why would you subscribe to 500 channels?. And you don’t need magazine subscriptions because all sorts of newspapers and magazines are available online. So, why would you waste money on these things?

4- Greeting cards are meaningless; and in my book they are a complete waste of money. They are impersonal, silly and anti-environmental (wouldn’t you prefer all this paper to be used for something useful?) call your loved ones on phone or online.

5- Buying a brand new car is a complete waste of money, because a car loses fifth of its price as soon as it is bought. Instead of buying a brand new car, buy a used car that is well maintained.

Things You Should Never Waste Money on but Probably Do