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6 Warning Symptoms That Tell You That You Have Poor Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is when your blood is running fast enough in your veins to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every part in your body. By this you know that poor blood circulation can be a dangerous problem. But how do you even know that you have it? You do when you have a few or more of these following symptoms:

1- Blood warms up our limps when it runs through them. So, normal blood circulation means the temperature in all parts of your body is the same, while poor circulation means that the parts where your nerves end such as hands and feet will be cooler than the rest of your body.

2- Poor blood circulation can affect many parts of your body including your digestive system. So if you have constipation along some of the other symptoms in this article, then this surely means you have poor blood circulation.

3- Feeling numb is another symptom of poor blood circulation. It is natural to feel numb when applying pressure to one part of your body, like when wrapping something tightly around your hands, but feeling numb with no obvious reason mostly means poor blood circulation.

4- Not feeling hungry even when you should be (more than six hours have passed without having a meal) can also mean poor blood circulation. It happens because your liver is not receiving enough quantity of blood to signal your brain that you are hungry.

5- When your blood is not running in your veins fast enough, it can gather in some parts of the veins in your body causing what is known as varicose veins. It is those swollen dark blue veins that you find sometimes in your legs and knees.

6- If your blood isn’t delivering oxygen and nutrients fast enough to your body parts, you lack what gives you energy. In short feeling sluggish and tired is another symptom of poor blood circulation.

 Warning Symptoms That Tell You That You Have Poor Blood Circulation

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