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Warning Signs It Is Time To Leave Your Relationship

Have you started to ask yourself if it is time to get out of your marriage? Do you sit and dream about waking up and not having to deal with your spouse problems and fights? Do you fight with your spouse more than you get along?

These are thoughts that could be brushed off easily after a hard day, bad mood or a little arguments with your spouse, however if these thoughts persist this could actually mean you are not feeling happy or secure and you may be better off if you are not with him.
Here are some signs that you should leave your relationship.

– Counseling Doesn’t Work.

If you have gone to counseling together more than one time yet it doesn’t work and you both don’t see no long lasting progress and you both are still not getting along then it is time to announce ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You don’t need to spend your time and life going around to therapists to realize at the end that you were only trying to force a square peg into a round hole, I’m not saying you should stop professional counseling, but lack of progress towards any mutual understanding is a sign that your marriage is already over.

– Your Fights Never Resolve.

There’s nothing wrong with some disagreeing here and there every now and then, however fights that don’t seem to resolve, the same issue keeps on coming up over and over and over again can all be a red flag. When fighting is constant and no one tends to give in or will to find a solution then that is a big sign for a problem.

– No Intimacy Anymore.

Has the attraction gone? Do you feel more like roommates than lovers? Intimacy is a very important key for a successful relationship, when you lack it or when it starts to fade away, you will feel lonely and isolated.

– You Long To Be With Someone Else.

If you reach at that point where you really want to be with someone else, is a huge bright sign that staying in your relationship will bring no good for you, your spouse or the other person involved, the breakup delay will only carry a significant heart break down the road.

– Your Spouse Is Physically Or Verbally Abusive.

F you are in the situation you may find it difficult to take a separation decision because of your shattered self-esteem, but if you are reading this now then please wake up and realize that you don’t deserve this negative treatment, you are in charge of your own destiny and you deserve to be loyal, determined and committed to someone that deserves you and know how to respect you and treat you kind. People that truly love, don’t mistreat the ones they love, so if you are getting mistreated, just know that your spouse doesn’t love you and don’t deserve your time or life that you may regret later on when you wake up.

Warning Signs It Is Time To Leave Your Relationship

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