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WARNING! Bleach Is Dangerous; here is how to protect yourself

Bleach is a chlorine containing chemical found in almost every single home. It is used for the cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and fabric. As efficient as it is in cleaning off mold and getting rid of unwanted germs and bacteria, it releases harmful fumes that can be inhaled and have hazardous effects. Side effects of the fumes emitted from bleach:

1. Effects of Inhalation

You may experience breathing problems such as coughing after inhaling bleach. These reactions could be more rigorous for asthma patients or people suffering from other chronic respiratory problems. This is mainly due to the possible injury or burning of the lining of the esophagus and lungs caused by bleach fumes.

2. Effects of Contact with Skin

The direct contact of bleach with skin irritates the area of contact. To soothe bleach fume irritations, apply lemon juice or vinegar to the area that experienced bleach contact.
Even if the solution didn’t come in direct contact with eyes, nasal passages and the throat, those organs are sensitive to its fumes.

How to prevent irritation:

-READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Before handling any chemical product, you must initially read the labeling and follow the instructions given. That will minimize the risk of being excessively exposed to the possible danger of bleach.

-Never mix bleach or any other bleach-containing products with ammonia. By doing so, you are exposing yourself to dangerous gases that may cause injuries such as chronic breathing problems and may even be fetal.

-Take precautions. Always use bleach in places with good ventilations like outdoors or a large room. Open the door or the window while dealing with bleach products. In case the area is not well ventilated, a mask or a respirator and safety goggles are highly recommended to help reduce the chance of irritation caused by accidental exposure to harmful bleach fumes.

Bleach Is Dangerous here is how to protect yourself