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You Wake Up To A Giant Zit On Your Face? Here’s How To Deal With It

All women of all age groups have experienced a morning when they wake up, look in the mirror and get surprised with a huge, inflammated and bewilderingly pimple breaking out in a clear spot of their faces, hormones can be blamed for that, we all know that around the time for the period these things are quit common, a huge change in the skin care routine can also be blamed, but blaming things is not going to fix the problem, there are many caused for pimples to breakout, however the real question here, what is the best way to get rid of them as fast and safe as possible? We made you this article to help you deal with such situations so read on.

First of all to prevent such situation pay attention to the food you eat, Fatty foods and sweet foods can cause zits to breakout on your face, beauty experts assume that most of the times women get zits on their faces it is most likely to be caused by something they ate in the last 48 hours, the skin is very affected by the digestive tracts so make sure you watch what you eat.

So How To Deal With A Giant Zit On Your Face.

1- Don’t pick it, although it may be very attempting to you to squeeze it try not to because that may lead to unneeded infection and further skin problems.

2- Treat It, make sure to apply a powerful anti-blemish medicated treatment that contain salicylic acid or sulfur on the zit twice a day. If you want to use something natural, then just mix one crushed baby aspirin with a small Clove of garlic crushed on the zit twice daily.

3- Give Your System A Break, for one or two days allow your system to relax, just eat more fruits, vegetables and salads instead on heavy Greasy food.

4- Apply A Clay Mask, the clay can hello draw out the impurities that could be causing the problem, just hold a warm towel to your face and specially the affected area for twenty seconds then apply the clay mask, don’t let the clay dry up completely before you wash it off.
Wake Up To A Giant Zit On Your Face Here's How To Deal With It

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