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From Veteran Travellers: Be a Wiser Traveller with These 5 Tips

Do you like travelling? Do you want to travel but think that each and every time you travel you are wasting a considerable fortune? Do you think that travelling should not cost so much, but can’t seem to put your finger on what to do to make it cost less? Well, here are great tips that will make you a much wiser traveller and make travelling cost much less:

1- One thing you enjoy while you travel is the toiletries you find in bathroom hotels, but this isn’t why you travel, right? Hotels, however, make your travelling expenses heavier by charging you for these things. Therefore, tell the hotel that you don’t need them and bring your soap and shampoo with you while you travel.

2- You are travelling to see new places and new people and to sightsee, NOT to shop! So, don’t go shopping for useless things you connect in your head with vacations and travelling. Don’t go buying cameras, holiday T-shirts…etc.

3- Many countries and governments make restaurants and cafeterias especially for those who cannot afford much, such as student and workers on limited pay…etc. You can eat at these cafeterias, and you can also look for reasonably priced restaurants and cafeterias, which leads us to the next point.

4- Invest your time before travelling in learning some of the language of the place you are travelling too. You will enjoy your travel much more and will be able to inquire better about what you need to buy or go. Moreover, others will not try to deceive you once they know you understand what they say (it is a harsh world!).

5- Concentrate on sightseeing and enjoying the views, the difference in cultures, the relics and monuments. So, please avoid doing things you can do at home, such as going to beaches, tanning or shopping for things you don’t need or can find at home

Veteran Travellers Be a Wiser Traveller

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