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3 Values You Can Teach Your Children Even before They Are Five

Being a parent means many things. It means you should provide for your children. It also means you should make sure they are happy and healthy. And needless to say, it means you should teach your children some good values to live by.

There are even values you can manage to teach children by the time they are five years old. Such as:

1- Children should admit to their mistakes and take responsibility for them. If your child has hit a neighbor’s son, ask him first why he did it. Usually it is for jealousy or breaking one of either one’s toys…etc. Telling your child to only apologize is not enough, insincere and is too easy. Tell your kid to make compensation like giving something in return or sharing their own toys with them. This way, your child will learn to be just and take responsibility.

2- When your child does something wrong don’t snap or yell at him. Doing that will just scare him a lot into lying every time he does something wrong. Instead talk to them calmly and ask them why they did this behavior and tell them why it is wrong, and if it is repeated, punish them by the “time out” punishment. This will teach your kids to tell the truth.

3- If your children are unhappy or upset with something give them a hug. And if you happen to feel bad for any reason yourself ask them to give you a hug and a kiss too, and tell them that you are feeling better after their hugs and kisses. Tell them often that you love them even when they misbehave (say “I love you but it hurts me to see you act this way”). This will teach your children to be affectionate and share love with loved ones.

Share with us what other values you think you can teach your kids before they turn five.

Values You Can Teach Your Children Even before They Are Five

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