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10 uses of toothpaste you can’t imagine

Toothpaste is the primary product to clean and improve the appearance of the teeth as well as maintains their health. There are several other uses for toothpaste. I experienced most of them and saw amazing results. Here are 10 uses of toothpaste you can’t imagine:

1. to remove stains on clothes: to remove all kinds of stains on clothes as ink or lipstick. Put a little toothpaste on the spot, rub it and then wash it.

2. To remove scratches on the disc and the DVD: If the disc stopped working, you can remove it, put toothpaste on scratches, rub it and then clean it.

3. To clean a diamond ring: put a little toothpaste on the toothbrush .the ring must be dry .then, gently rub it and wash it off and you’ll get the ring sparkle and shine again.

4. Silver cleaning: It can be used in polishing any kind of silver and it will be gloss and shine.

5. Burn Treatment: put a little toothpaste on the place of the burn and it will reduce the severity of the burn and will relieve pain.

6. To remove the colors from the painted walls: Rub stains with toothpaste and a piece of wet cloth and then wipe the wall with it.

7. To remove stains from the carpet: put the toothpaste on the place, rub the spots and then wash it and leave it to dry.

8. To polish the shoes: put the toothpaste on a wet brush and scrub the rubber shoes.

9. To close the vents and holes temporarily: it can be used before the move to the new apartment.

uses of toothpaste you can't imagine

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