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Uses Of Garlic To Treat Diseases

Garlic is an excellent natural medical product, it has demonstrated in the treatment of several diseases and ailments throughout the ages, propaply most prominent are throat infections, lowering cholesterol levels, flue attacks, regulating blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

-Garlic Therapeutic Functions.

1- Natural Antibiotic

2. tonic for sweating

3. lowers blood pressure

4. reduces blood clot

5. helps diabetics by reducing the fat in the blood sugar level.

6. handles cholesterol.

– Traditional Medical Uses Of Garlic.

1. Garlic was used during World War II as an antibiotic to heal wounds, cure all sorts of diseases, most notably tuberculosis and typhoid.

2- Respiratory Diseases. Garlic is very effective in the treatment of mild cases of airways infection or inflammations, Ear infections or cold and flues.

3- Digestive System: garlic treats digestive problems, and helps the body get rid of intestinal parasites.
Note/ Consult herb specialists before using Garlic as a natural remedy for children that are younger than 12 years old.

– Uses Of Garlic Essential Oil.
Garlic Essential Oil Is an Excellent:- anti-infective, antiseptic, antibacterial, anthelmintic and stimulant of the thyroid gland.

Garlic Is Best Used For :- intestinal disorders (diarrhea and food poisoning), the treatment of skin infections caused by fungi, is very effective against high blood pressure and promotes blood circulation.

Garlic To Treat Diseases

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