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6 Unusual-But-Amazing Uses for Deodorants

Why is it that deodorants are an essential part of every woman’s purse? It is because that when you happen to pass by someone sweating and smelling you lament the day you were born and think something like, “Eeeeeeeew, do I smell like that when I sweat too?” However, you will read now some amazing things you can do with a deodorant that will make you keep many – not just one – around at all times.

1- Deodorants have this unmatched ability in drawing out moisture (they are like sticks of silica gel). So when you suddenly have a zit at the last moment you want to see it, rub it with some deodorant. It is an extremely quick fix, but don’t go on doing that whenever you have zits.

2- If you have glasses, I bet it bothers you like hell to wear them in a hot day, because they slide down your nose so often you’d want to pitch the damn thing as far as you could. Don’t do that just yet, instead, rub some deodorant on your nose and it won’t sweat enough for the glasses to slide.

3- Some people suffer from the “sweaty hands” syndrome. If you are one of these people, and are going somewhere where you are expected to shake many hands, rub some on your palms.

4- If you hate the frizz-all-over hair look, rub some deodorant on your hands, and then quickly smoothen it on your hair.

5- Insect bites can make your day really sour (they do that for me!), but you don’t need to buy special medicine for that, just rub some deodorant on the itch and watch it go.

6- Here is one many might not know off, if your kids managed to lay their hands somehow on a permanent marker and started to express their creativity with it before you could stop them, you can fix the damage with your spray deodorant.

 Unusual-But-Amazing Uses for Deodorants

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