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You Are Getting Unpopular Because You Commit These Fashion Mistakes

How we dress and how we look contributes to most of why people like and accept us. So, even though people are used to saying things like, “looks do not matter” they give great attention to looks and clothes. Therefore, if someone is thinking that they are unpopular, the first thing they would want to check is their looks. And there are fashion mistakes men DO commit that make them unpopular. You will find some of these mistakes men should avoid in the following lines.

1- T-shirts and clothes with funny slogans and sayings. Avoid these types of clothes. They look immature and they make you seem like you are starving for attention. Besides women do not like walking next to men who wear these types of clothing.

2- Wearing baseball hats, and wearing tilted baseball hats for that matter. This is another thing that makes you look childish. Ten years ago, this trend was considered outdated.

3- Lots and lots of jewelry. Why is it okay for men to wear jewelry in the first place? It is because they adopt the theory that contrast makes the subject more vivid, so wearing a little piece of jewelry; like a ring or an ear piercing, makes a guy look more masculine. However, wearing too much jewelry makes you look like a gangster.

4- Grooming yourself as if you are some TV star. Do not do things like threading often or trimming eyebrows. It will look really weird and no lady wants to be with a man who grooms his face more than she does. Not to mention that some ladies will think that you are a narcissist.

5- Going everywhere in sport jerseys. After all, they were called sport jerseys for a reason! You might look good in them, but you’ll definitely look stupid if you wear them everywhere you go.

6- Wearing clothes unfit for the current climate. Another fashion mistake that makes you look not just unpopular, but stupid as well.

7- Gathering a whole palette of colors in one attire. Gathering too many colors at once in what you are wearing in a certain day is not fashionable at all. It shows that you lack fashion sense and taste. You’ll definitely scare off the ladies.

8- Wearing jeans that do not suit you size-wise. Wearing baggy jeans while you are skinny or skinny jeans while you are overweight is another fashion mistake that makes you look unpopular.

 Fashion Mistakes

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