7 Unpleasant Side Effects of Acupuncture You Need to Know

The majority of those who choose natural medicine to heal their alignments choose it to avoid side effects of chemicals used in western medicine. However, natural medicine techniques such as acupuncture are not free of unpleasant side effects. The following side effects of acupuncture are not serious; in fact, some of them indicate healing; but it is good to know them before having needles penetrating your body.

7. Muscle Twitching : Some people experience involuntary twitching in a certain muscle regardless where needles are placed whether during or after the treatment.

6. Crying : Acupuncture helps in releasing emotions so some individuals might cry or feel emotionally sensitive during a session or after it with a few days. A change in emotions indicates physical changes so emotional release is a good sign that acupuncture is taking effect.

5. Exhaustion : If you feel that your energy is depleted after acupuncture, it means that your body is urging you to rest. Listen to your body and avoid all exhaustions for the day then have a sound sleep at night to wake up refreshed.

4. Bruising : In rare cases, blood collects in areas of needle punctures causing bruises. Bruises might take time to disappear but they are not a reason for concern except for appearance.

3. Aggravated Symptoms : Although in many cases symptoms improve with acupuncture, sometimes they become worse. This healing crisis might be caused by dormant aliments but are bound to heal with time.

2. Dizziness : Dizziness is one of the least frequent side effects of acupuncture. It can be avoided by eating before treatment and getting up slowly after treatment.

1. Sore Body Parts : Needles can trigger soreness when placed in an ashi point. This soreness can last for just one day or for a longer duration if the trigger point was big.
Unpleasant Side Effects of Acupuncture You Need to Know

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