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Four Unexpected Uses Of Aspirin You Didn’t Know About

Aspirin is an effective pain killer that has been used worldwide for decades, it can also be used to alleviate fever or to help with high blood pressure, but did you know that the uses of aspirin are not only limited to killing pain and reducing fever?

Indeed aspirin can be used in many non-medical purposes that you didn’t know about, check out below how you can use aspirin effectively in your everyday life.

1- Eliminate Dandruff.

If you have Dandruff and tried all home remedies and hair care products but your Dandruff keeps on coming back, here is your solution, aspirin can be used to eliminate Dandruff and prevent fungus infections in the scalp, it also helps in stimulating blood circulation which will make your hair looks better and grow longer, just crush two aspirins and mix them in your shampoo bottle, and Every time you use your shampoo make sure to keep it on your hair for two to three minutes.

2- Treats Cracked Heels.

By crushing six aspirins and mixing the powder with one teaspoon of each Lemon juice and water then applying the mixture to your heels and covering with cling film or a plastic bag for 15 minutes you will enjoy soft and healthy looking heels.

3- Treats Acnes And Pimples.

Aspirin contains Salicylic acid which is considered an effective treatment to reduce redness and prevent infection from pimples and Acnes, just crush two aspirins and add water to the powder enough to form a paste to apply on the pimple for fifteen minutes then rinse it off without rubbing.

4- Preserves Lemon Juice.

Aspirin can be used as a preservative for your lemon juice, just drop one or two aspirins in the bottle of lemonade and it will preserve it for days without going off, and you won’t need to put it on the refrigerator either.

 Uses Of Aspirin

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