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Six Unexpected Times Coconut Oil Comes In Handy

The sweet smelling oil can come in handy in so many other things, beyond moisturizing your skin or sautéing your veggies, coconut oil can help you on daily basis in different things, scroll down to check out how many things you didn’t know coconut oil can do for you.

1- Season Cast Iron.

You probably learned it from your grandmother to yearly cast your iron skillet with duck fat or lard to make them live forever, coconut oil can be a perfect substitute to animal fat, it is even stable with high temperature and wont cause any stickiness.

2- Heals Cuts.

Coconut oil contain natural antiseptic properties so it can help you heal cut and clean them, some people even use it instead of the traditional over the counter salves, just dip it on a cotton ball and wipe your cut then cover with a bandage .

3- Start A Camp Fire.

You know how starting a fire in a camp could be time consuming and tiring, but an easy way to get some flams going is to use a cotton dapped in coconut oil, light it with fire and leave it on the woods.

4- Restore Old Wooden Cutting Boards.

You got an old cutting wooden board that used to be handy but it is not in a good situation anymore? Coconut oil can be used to rescue your cutting board, just rub a thin layer of coconut oil on the cutting board once every now and then to make it resistant to water and bacteria.

5- After Bath Condition For Your Dog.

You may be using coconut oil to deep condition your hair, but don’t keep all the benefit for yourself, after you bath your dog, rub some coconut oil into her coat and skin to moisturize it and make it shiny, it hopefully will also cut on the unsavory wet oil scent.

6- Sooth Bows.

You puppy pprobablyloves running more than you, but the traits and the harsh ground can do a number on those soft paws, if they are hard or cracked, rub on a generous amount of coconut oil to help heal them, just make sure you apply the oil generously because it may be hard for your dog to resist licking the sweet smelling oil.

6- Fades Stretch Marks and Cellulite.

The beauty benefits of coconut oil are plenty and countless, but one unknown beauty benefit of coconut oil is its ability to fade scars, stretch marks and even cellulite , when extra Virginia coconut oil is heated nd mixed with ground coffee and massaged on the affected area, the blood flow gets stimulated and the old skin get pealed off which improves the way the skin looks and feels.

Six Unexpected Times Coconut Oil Comes In Handy

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