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Six Unexpected Things Your Earwax Could Signal About Your Health

The stuff that comes out of your body can be considered gross by many, like your urine, stool, saliva, mucus and even your earwax but they can actually give you a hint about potential health issues or reassure you that everything is going well with you. If you give some attention to the stuff that oozes out of your ears you may be able to detect many health issues.

Earwax helps to keep the dirt and bacteria from leaking too deep into your ear canal, it has a quit important job to prevent infections from going in your body through your ears and your throat then your digestive tract and even though otolaryngologist don’t really take earwax as a very informative body produce or discharge about what’s going on with the health like mucus do, the consistency and color of your earwax can actually signal several health issues here is a list of them.

1- If It Is Watery With A Greenish Tint.

If you’ve been sweating or in a very hot climate, a watery ear wax could be a natural result to your sweat or the hot temperature, however if in your normal states, you are not sweating and your body is not hot, watery earwax with a dark yellow or greenish tint could indicate an ear infection.

2- If it’s Sticky Or Too Dry.

All of is either have one type or the other but not both, and the type of your earwax can be blamed on your genetic origins, studies say that people with dry ear wax generally belong to Asian decent while people from African or European origins tend to have more sticky or wet ear wax; researchers assume that this is a natural adaption to climate.

3- Have a Foul Smell.

You may be dealing with an infection or something going wrong with the middle part of your ear, this leads to several symptoms that are all together referred to as chronic otitis media, one of those symptoms can be a discharge from your ears that have a foul smell, other symptoms to this case could include a sensation that your ear is blocked, difficulties with your balance and ringing in your ears.

4- If The Consistency Changes.

Cholesteatoma is a condition where skin overgrowth takes place in the eardrum, it creates something like a cyst structure that cause pressure and tears inside the ear cannel that cause the wax to leak out in a strange consistency like clumps or noticeable trickles rather than the regular earwax you are used to. Pressure and pain in the ear can also be symptoms for this condition.

5- If You Don’t Have Any.

If you seem to not have anymore earwax all of a sudden, you may be dealing with a very rare condition that’s not very understood medically either called keratitis obturans,, in this condition instead of the wax comes out slowly on its own, it builds up inside the ear canal over time until it comes out all in one hard plug after a while of time.

6- If It Is Flaky.

If your earwax is getting flaky similar to peanut butter then don’t freak out, you are just getting older, doctors say that our glands tend to dry up as we age and this could be the condition with you.

Six Unexpected Things Your Earwax Could Signal About Your Health

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