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4 Unexpected results for Avoiding Dairy Products

Many people don’t like most dairy products, except ice cream and few types of rich-fat-cheese. Moreover, in the last thirty years or so, many people have tried to substitute dairy products with other more expensive, but seemingly healthier plant based products.

Nowadays, and after hundreds of research about the various claims about dairy products, scientists have found that avoiding them can have some surprising results which we will list in this article.

1- When you avoid dairy products because they are not healthy, and substitute them with plant based products such as soy cheese, milk and butter, you are more likely to feel gassy and bloated. It is not natural to eat butter which was originally soy beans. These fake products are highly processed making them extremely difficult for your body to digest.

2- You will gain extra weight. This is maybe unexpected since dairy products include whole fat milk, frozen yogurt and butter with its rich calorie content. However, a recent study on dairy products that was conducted over the course of ten years have found out that dairy products with their high protein and fat content make you fuller for a long time and suppress cravings. On the long run, and with constant use, you will lose weight.

3- You will develop some digestion problems because of the lack of probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that make us digest food better. Some dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are rich in these useful probiotics. Without them, you will cripple your digestion and will need to load up in other probiotic rich foods such as pickles and sauerkrauts which you might not like.

4- Your bones will be much weaker. In the second thirty years of our lives, our bodies bone regenerative rate is lower than their deterioration rate. By cutting out an element that is rich in the things that build bones, the damage is bound to multiply.

Unexpected results for Avoiding Dairy Products

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