• Five Pains That Are More Severe Than Childbirth

    Five Pains That Are More Severe Than Childbirth

    Most pregnant women go through many annoying and maybe even painful moments throughout their 9 months journey like headaches, morning sickness, heart burns, joints pain and back pain. But the biggest pain they go through and most women who experienced a natural childbirth would assume to be the worst pain the ever experiences is the childbirth itself. All women sit in fear and excitement of that moment to arrive since they find out they are pregnant. However childbirth pain can only go on for so long, but there are other types of pain that are more severe than pushing a baby and unfortunately they don’t carry the hope and excitement the childbirth pain carry as a reward. Here’s what women…

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  • Bad night habits

    Bad night habits can devastate your weight loss efforts

    If you are on diet to lose weight, you will find that there’s never-ending temptation all day long and it does not end on evenings when you sit on the coach to watch T.V; your bad habits can ruin the healthy choices you maintained during the day. Mostly it is the time for snacks which is more like a habit, thus you should pay attention and fight this urge and instead drink a peppermint tea or green tea. If you have your dinner early and you feel hungry later in the evening, it is OK to have a healthy low calorie snack- away from grilled cheese or peanut butter or other similar foods- that are easy to digest and cannot…

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  • Are you for or against anti- vaccination movement

    Are you for or against anti- vaccination movement?

    Each mother would say that she knows what is best for her children better than any one, and the choices she makes for taking care of them are no one’s business; such women do not tolerate other people telling them what they should or should not do for raising their children. Some mothers argue that it is their right to choose no to vaccinate their children; they consider this matter highly personal and should be decided by the family only. They think that leaving such decision to someone they have never met and who does not care about their children personally is really absurd. These women believe that others follow unnecessary old rules injecting children with chemicals to prevent diseases that…

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  • Get Rid of Throat Phlegm with These 12 Natural Ways

    Get Rid of Throat Phlegm with These 12 Natural Ways

    Decongesting your throat from annoying phlegm can be a trouble if you don’t have the proper medication and can’t go out soon to get any. The solution to this dilemma is simple, follow the next medication-free advices to reduce, loosen and perhaps lose phlegm in your throat as a whole. 12. Expose Yourself to Steam Boil water and inhale its steam from a safe distance so you don’t burn your face, or take a hot shower so you can breathe in the water vapor. The heat of the steam or the vapor will help in loosening the phlegm. It is also useful to use a vaporizer if the humidity in your environment is low. 11. Don’t Smoke You should quit…

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  • Benefits of Peppermint Oil

    12 Astonishing Benefits of Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint oil, like other essential oil, is used in alternative medicine for its great therapeutic potential. Since peppermint oil on its own is intense, it is usually diluted with almond or jojoba oil before direct application on skin. It is recommended to consult your doctor before trying any essential oil for the first time and check if you have an allergic reaction to it. When you know it is okay to use peppermint oil, get ready to experience its astonishing benefits. 12. Natural Insect Repellent Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of peppermint oil to it to make an effective pest repellent. You can use the spray in corners where you see ants or spiders…

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