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What Makes You Unable to Concentrate and When to Seek Help?

Are you switching between tasks without giving any of them proper attention?
Do you lose focus when someone addresses you with a long speech?
Does your mind distract you to the degree that you mess up tasks at work or in academia?
Not being able to maintain attention can be very nerve-wracking no matter what the nature of the task you perform is. The causes behind this inability to concentrate are numerous but you need to make sure that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not the cause. Otherwise, you would need to seek medical help.
Check out the following reasons behind inattentiveness and see if they match your condition:

1. You Barely Workout
Working out regularly clears your mind and increases its memory and learning capacity as studies confirm. Exerting energy through workout will deprive your mind from the energy that makes it restless and allow you better sleep at night. ADHD patients benefit mostly from regular exercise as it improves their attention.
If you resort for exercise as a solution to get your attention but have to exercise excessively for more than two hours a day to stop feeling fidgety, you have to see a doctor.

2. You Don’t Like Your Job
An unsatisfactory career in terms of a poor work environment or boring tasks can make it difficult to maintain your attention. This is normal unless this lack of focus costs you your efficiency to complete tasks on time and being reproached for it. When you reach that level, you either need a new job or need to seek medical help.
Medical help should be sought when procrastination, daydreaming at work and changing jobs become normal. Learning to overcome ADHD in adults is necessary to prevent feelings of underachievement and to make one able to work while taking pleasure in a job that maintains their confidence.

3. Excessive Use of Technology
Listening to headphones, reading constantly updated newsfeed on the computer screen and checking notifications on your smart phone all keep your brain so busy doing no important work. You can reduce the useless distraction of technology while doing important tasks by specifing times to check your notifications that don’t interfere with your life tasks.
A little organization with a day planner and assigning technology free times during the day will help with your concentration. If technology is not your problem and you constantly get lost in thoughts while trying to complete tasks, you will need to check out with your doctor.

4. Too Little Sleep
Getting less than eight to nine hours of sleep every night can leave you with a distracted mind and affects your mood too. Therefore, you should go to bed early and allow your brain some rest. If you suffer from sleeping disorders consult a professional to help you get over them. ADHD adults must especially regulate their night sleep to enjoy better attention while they are awake.

5. Stress
A stressful life style makes it difficult for anyone to focus. The reason behind this distraction lies in the fact that the brain areas which are supposed to be responsible for clear, fast thoughts are the same reasons that become occupied with anxiety and stress. To free your mind from such thoughts, you can look for ways of meditation and relaxation techniques.
If eliminating all of the above factors from your life as much as possible still didn’t help you regain your focus, do not neglect getting tested for adult ADHD. After all, how can you enjoy anything if your brain keeps taking you to other places whether you like it or not?

Unable to Concentrate and When to Seek Help

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