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Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide For The Winter

Winter is starting, and the harsh nature of it won’t only have it impact on your mood and skin but also your hair.
Wind, snow and dry weather will irritate your scalp and make it more sensitive than usual which will result in frizzy and dull hair that falls and breaks much easier than before.
Luckily, with just some extra care and attention from you, you can protect your hair through this harsh season, so to welcome the next summer with lustrous healthy locks, check out our tricks and tips to maintain your hair’s shininess and strength during the winter.

1- Pamper Your Hair.

First of all, you got to know that during the winter, your hair will be drier and needing more attention and nourishment than any other time, so you will spend more time trying to repair and make up for the damage of the extreme weather.
Instead of applying masks once a week or once every two weeks, opt for multiple times a week.
Before washing your hair, apply a nourishing mask for one hour at least and what would be even better is to apply the mask on in the night with a towel on your head and wash it in the morning so you give your hair and scalp enough time to absorb the natural oils and nutrients that it needs.

. Avocado Mask.
Avocado is one of the best natural remedies for dry skin and hair, it is rich in nourishing oils as well as vitamins A,B, E and D so it will act as a moisturizing bomb for your hair.
Smash a ripe avocado smoothly and mix it with an egg white and two tablespoons of olive oil, apply the mixture for your hair and scalp and leave on for an hour or overnight.
If you can’t find avocado then opt for papaya or mango which will be great substitutes.

. Oil Mask.
Coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil are rich in the nutrients that would make your hair healthy and strong enough to ward off the damage of the dry weather.
Even though it could be quite tricky to wash off the oil from your hair (especially castor oil it can be quite sticky) but it definitely worth every second of the struggle to wash it off.
Castor oil will be the best option if you want to make your hair stronger and promote its growth, if you don’t want to use plain castor oil then opt to mix equal parts of it and some other light oil.
If you don’t have the time to apply on masks, mix some oil with your regular hair conditioner and leave it on your hair for a few minutes.

. Honey Mask.
Besides oils and avocado, honey is another super powerful natural ingredient you can protect and treat your hair with, it can be especially beneficial during the winter season because it contains nutrients and enzymes that can protect your hair from infections as well as nourishing and hydrating it.
Mix enough amount of honey with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of plain yogurt, apply to your damp hair and leave it on for two hours before washing.

2- Protect Your Hair.

. Silk Scarfs.
Caps and hats are a must during winter, however the harsh material of the hats can dry up the natural oils of your hair and make then frizzy, so just like experts recommend sleeping on silk pillowcases to avoid rubbing your hair against harsh fabric materials, you should also use silk hair covers or caps instead of wool or underneath the wool one.
. Avoid Heat.
During the winter we already spend all our time with indoor-heating and use hot water to wash our hair, when accompanied with the harsh weather all that can be very damaging to the hair.
So while blow drying is necessary so you don’t catch a cold, try to avoid or limit other heat styling tools like curlers and flat irons.

3- Mind Your Diet.

The well-being of your hair starts from the inside so it is important to take care of your diet. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in vitamin C, B and E .
You can also try to take biotin supplements to promote hair growth and strength.
However if you are eating a rich diet in vitamin B (poultry, whole grains and egg), as well as vitamin C (citrus fruits, kale, bell pepper) and vitamin E (almonds, seeds and lettuce) then you won’t need to worry about taking supplements.

Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide For The Winter

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