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Types of Food That Can Naturally Sooth Headaches

Having a headache is one of the worst things that can face you any day. When you are unlucky enough to have a headache, your ability to do anything diminishes significantly. Relying on painkillers is not always an option. Therefore, it is important to look for natural methods for soothing headaches, such as:

1- Caffeine, which is concentrated in certain beverages such as coffee and tea, is a great natural cure for headaches. This is why many painkillers contain caffeine. Moreover it helps your system absorb the effective components in the pain killers better, so it is always good to take a cup of coffee or tea with pain killers to cure headaches quickly.

2- Sometimes headaches happen because of the insufficient calcium levels in your body. The headache will be somewhat like a fast throbbing in your head. So, make sure you have enough rich in calcium foods as a stable part of your diet.

3- Carbs are not just a source of energy. They are responsible for the production of glycogen which binds water to your tissues. When glycogen levels get low, your body becomes dehydrated and its need for water is expressed as headaches. Make sure your diet has enough carbs.

4- Consuming large quantities of alcohol causes hangovers, which are basically strong headaches that happen due to the loss of water and important electrolytes such as potassium. Therefore, eating rich in potassium foods can cure you quickly of headaches.

5- Sometimes headaches happen to women because of the instability of their estrogen levels. To neutralize the effect of the high estrogen levels, such women need vitamin E. Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E which will prevent the migraines from happening.

Make sure you drink enough water, follow a diet full of nutrients, and consult a doctor if headaches happen often

Food That Can Naturally Sooth Headaches

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