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Types of Food That Make Your Skin Deteriorate Faster

How did that well known saying go? You are what you eat? Yes, what you eat actually contributes a lot to how you look and behave. And how you look is largely dependant on how your skin looks. So what are the foods you should avoid because they make your skin deteriorate and wrinkle more quickly?

1- Do not take everything with a grain of salt, at least not your food. Salt makes your skin swollen, damages your tissues and dehydrates your body. Besides making the food taste better, there aren’t many benefits of using salt in your food and it kills the nutrients in it. So avoid salty and pickled foods and only add it after cooking.

2- Frying food also does a lot of damage to your system that can lead to skin deterioration. High temperatures + fat = free radicals that destroy your skin and can lead to cancer if they are highly concentrated in your body.

3- Sugar is another cause for skin deterioration. However, not all types of sugar cause skin deterioration. Natural sugar such as the type found in fruit and honey does not hurt your skin, while manufactured sugar drains your skin of calcium and can cause several skin problems such as acne.

4- You are often told to drink a lot of water to make your skin healthy, which is true. So, it goes without saying that not having enough water can deteriorate your skin. Therefore, drink water often and avoid foods that dehydrate you such as alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

5- Processed foods lead to obesity and cause problems to digestion. Well, guess what, they cause skin problems too. Processed foods are full with additives, preservatives, sugar and salt. That means you have several causes of skin problems grouped in one product.

Share with us what you know about foods that cause skin problems.

Food That Make Your Skin Deteriorate Faster

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