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The Types of Food That Can Give You Unpleasant Smell

People avoid eating certain types of food for many reasons. One of which is that they might cause allergic reaction. Another is that they might cause weight gain or are simply unhealthy. And it is not uncommon to avoid certain foods because of the way they make you smell. Such as:

1- So, we already know that garlic is good for keeping vampires away, but I believe that garlic is very effective at keeping anyone away. The stench you immediately smell is due to allicin. Moreover, allicin breaks down in the stomach after few hours, giving off volatile compounds that come out through your breath later.

2- Onions are good for your cholesterol levels and heart health. They even prevent certain types of cancer. However, they are not good for your breath. They contain volatile sulfur compounds responsible for the stench that stays with you for hours. If you want to enjoy onions’ healthy benefits without the smell, cook them.

3- Having one too many is not just good for making a fool out of you, but also for giving you a stench that tells everyone around that you are persistently trying to destroy your liver. It does many things to your teeth, stomach and blood that combine to give you a horrible odor.

4- Don’t you find it really strange that asparagus gives your urine extract that lousy smell hours after you eat it, not when you eat it? Well, you are not alone there. Many scientists find it peculiar as well and have yet to find the reason. What is even stranger is that some people have the ability to smell it while others don’t.

5- Ever heard of a fruit that gives off bad smell? Not just that, it has a smell so bad that eating it in certain public places is a violation of the law. It is durian and it is delicious in taste and texture, but horrible in smell. IT has about 40 volatile compounds, including sulfurous substances that are responsible for its horrible smell.

Food That Can Give You Unpleasant Smell

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