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6 Types of Food You Should Not Keep in Your Fridge

Fridges are maybe one of the most useful and practical devices invented ever. Food spoils very fast, especially in hot weather. However, with fridges, you save yourself the bother of going to the market daily. However, there are things you shouldn’t store at the fridge, such as:

1- You might already know that you should keep olive oil somewhere dark and cool, far from sunlight. However, this doesn’t mean you can keep it in your fridge. If you do, it will harden and become like Cresco or butter, but it can be left out until it thaws into its original state.

2- Do you know that archeologists sometimes find honey that is still edible in over hundred years’ old monuments? And this is a characteristic only honey has among all types of food. So, don’t keep it in the fridge since you don’t need to. Moreover, low temperatures can make honey solid.

3- Coffee too should not be kept in the fridge. It absorbs smells and gives it smell to other things like butter. If you – by any chance – have a lot of coffee you want to preserve, bag it and freeze it.

4- Garlic in a refrigerator is not a good idea. It will grow its green stalks and get moldy. Besides, it will give its distinctive smell to other foods.

5- Surely avocados can be kept in the fridge, but they will stop growing then. And while you don’t need to worry about that with other foods, with avocados you do because they are unripe often and need to be left out for a while until they ripen.

6- It might seem practical to store potatoes in your fridge in hot weather, but don’t do it. The potatoes will change in texture and turn sweeter. Store them out and keep an apple between them so they wouldn’t spoil.

Food You Should Not Keep in Your Fridge

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