4 Types of Food That Aren’t What They Seem to Be

Whether you are someone who only cooks when it is absolutely necessary, or a hidden chef waiting for their talent to be discovered, one thing is certain: you should never be deceived when it comes to food. Many people have many misconceptions regarding what they eat. In this article we will right some of these misconceptions.

1- White chocolate is chocolate, so all benefits of chocolate applies to it, right? WRONG. Unlike other types of chocolate, white chocolate contains neither cocoa solids nor chocolate liquor. These two components are what contain the antioxidants that make chocolate worthy of praise as a health boosting food.

2- The butter on the popcorn you have at movie theatres is actually…butter. No it ISN’T. It isn’t even anything close to butter. In fact, no matter how rich in calories butter is, it is ten times better than that highly processed, toxic, flavored soybean oil they pass as butter.

3- The Wasabi they serve with sushi is the real deal. NO IT ISN’T. Real Wasabi is ALWAYS made fresh. Why? Because it loses its spicy taste a few minutes after. Moreover, it is pricy, amounting to 100 USD per pound, so the usual sushi restaurants won’t think it is a good investment and will definitely not get it. What you are eating is mostly a mixture of horseradish, mustard and a green color.

4- Pomegranates and pomegranate juice are probably one of the healthiest foods on earth. That is, if the juice TRULY comes from pomegranates. Those in the industry know that most companies present red grape juice as pomegranate juice and hope you fall for it. One glaring

example is Coca-Cola which was sued for that and lost the case.
It is much better to prepare food from natural ingredients and avoid processed and packed stuff (and being deceived) as much as possible.

Types of Food That Aren’t What They Seem to Be

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