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Types of Serious Damage Smoking Can Do to Your Eyes

Smoking is probably the most dangerous and damaging habit humanity had the misfortune to know. It is well known since over a dacade now that smoking is a direct reason for hypertension, heart disease, stoke, and many types of cancer. And these are just few of many. In this article, you will learn about several types of damage smoking can do to your eyes.

1- Smoking highly increases the your risk of developing inflammation in your eyes, which is commonly known as Uveitis. This condition can lead to cataracts and glaucoma

2- Smoking makes your whole body’s blood vessels narrower and less flexible. For those who have diabetes and already have many health risks, this condition (AKA Diabetic retinopathy) can cause blindness.

3- Smoking is a habit more dangerous for women than men. Because what could happen when a smoking woman can’t kick this habit while being pregnant? Many things, including flawed eyes in her baby and defects in the eye area.

4- Smoking can make your eyes dry and irritated. This might push you to rub your eyes often, and to feel more irritated if you happen to wear contact lenses. The problem could end in corneal ulcerations which can lead to blindness.

5- Smoking can lead to cloudy vision, which is a case known as cataracts. This happens because of the damage smoking does to your eye lens.

6- Your eyes, and therefore, your vision, are bound to get weaker as you age. It is called macular degeneration and can escalate severely with smoking. This means you have higher chances of becoming blind as you age if you are a smoker.

7- The risk of developing primary open-angle glaucoma highly increases with smoking.

Smoking is very dangerous for your eyes, and even those who are second hand smokers can suffer from illnesses in their eyes.

Damage Smoking Can Do to Your Eyes

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