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The Truth behind Music and Training

Most of us enjoy listening to music on our Ipods or mp3s as we train. But the question is why do we listen to music as we train? Does it improve our performance? And what are its other health benefits?
The Reason Behind Listening to Music While Training

We find it very appealing to listen to music as we train since it gives us the chance to listen to our favorite kind of music as we shut down everything happening around us especially in a gym. However, it you’re running outside, it’s important to lower the volume or take one earplug out in order to be aware of the surroundings.

Music is Motivational

We listen to motivational fast hardcore songs as we work out; it gives us a push of motivation as we go.

Does Listening to Music Improve our Performance?

It’s a fact that our tempo increases as the tempo of the music we listen to increases. We run faster and pedal on gym bikes faster. By harmonizing your movement to the rhythm, your performance totally transforms.

How do we choose the right music to train to?

Choosing the right music to download and listen to while training isn’t a difficult task and it all depends on the tempo and intensity of your workout. In a marathon starting slow, you don’t need fast-paced music at the start, opposing to a short fast run on a treadmill which requires fast-paced music the entire run. Lifting weights for example is a stead-paced activity requiring steady-paced music.


Music while training is a motivation booster that enhances your mechanisms. It can help you maintain a rhythm and improve your performance. If you never listen to music as you train, it’s recommended to give it a shot. Most importantly, do not forget to care for your safety.

The Truth behind Music and Training

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